My research (plain descriptions)

I work across a range of areas involving applying quantiative modeling to real-world systems, using mechanistic models (as a physics-based approach) as well as statistical models (e.g., using methods from machine learning). I've worked in sleep modeling, material hardness simulations, time-series analysis, machine learning, and network neuroscience. I am currently working on problems in both time-series analysis, and in computational neuroscience, with the broad aim of finding patterns in the wealths of neuroscience data that we have access to that may indicate general principles of brain organization. I am based in the Complex Systems group in the School of Physics at Sydney University. Below I've attempted to explain some of my key papers in clear, non-technical terms.

Highly comparative time-series analysis

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The analysis code is available for non-commercial use:

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I play cello/piano in a Melbourne band called patches. Take a listen?

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